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Nova Silva

Natural growth

Where does the Nova Silva name originate from?

In Latin, nova silva means new forest. Just like your organisation, a forest grows and develops organically. And to fully understand this growth process, it is important to follow it from a variety of points of view. By viewing and analysing organisations from various points of view, we gather management information. And by presenting this information in a proper overview, the growth comes very naturally.

Nova Silva, nice to meet you.

IT and management strengths combined

Despite the fact that Nova Silva is a young company, it has a wealth of experience. The employees have certainly earned their plaudits. They have carried out differing roles in management and IT at organisations such as Kappa Packaging, Amgen, Temtec, IBM, Accenture and Rabobank. In 2007, the three partners combined forces and founded Nova Silva.

With Nova Silva services and products you can:

All information is available via interactive dashboards, reports and analysis applications, and can be combined with information from other applications, even if these are external sources.