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In addition to our Oxygen solutions we offer related advice, training and management activities. We offer this support also as a separate service.

We offer advice on all of the Management Dashboard work fields. Consider:

By way of our wealth of knowledge and many years of experience we are equipped to offer the right support in every environment.

We can assist you with all steps in the Management Dashboard trajectory. This concerns:

Step 1: Determining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The first step in each Management Dashboard trajectory is determining the objectives and the processes involved. With this knowledge we can outline the desired KPIs.

The only correct way to determine KPIs is by deducting these from your own specific objectives and strategies. A neutral point of departure is crucial in our opinion. Therefore we use Stacey Barr’s PUMP© method for determining the KPIs.

Step 2: Designing data integration and storage

After determining the KPIs, we start with the design of the data integration and storage.

They are many solution options, methods and techniques available in this area. We have a wealth of experience with many of these solutions. Consider Data Warehouse, ODS, Data Vault, data logistics/ETL, Data Mart and dimensional modelling.

From this wealth of experience we can support you with the selection, design and implementation. Consider:

  • Design and development of data logistic/ETL;
  • Database design and development;
  • Product selection (ETL & Database)

Step 3: Effective (straight-forward and attractive) reporting

Proper data integration and storage is needed for an effectively functioning Management Dashboard environment. Only then will the Management Dashboard environment function well. This is the biggest technical challenge of the solution.

But that is not all that you need. You want to have an impact on your public with what you present. Only when the data is presented in a straight-forward and attractive way will the message be effectively conveyed. An effective format of reporting is crucial for this.

Our consultants help you to improve your current reporting and support you in developing new reports.

Step 4: Analytical functions

Generally, reports are compiled in response to a question, for example: what are the 10 most profitable products? But the query is not always clear in advance, or there is no report or preliminary research available in advance.

In your organisation, chances are hidden to improve your product and service and to discover hidden (causal) links.

For discovering such information, our consultants develop analytical functions. For this we make use of, for example, OLAP, statistics and data mining.

Do you wish to get to know Nova Silva and improve your Management Dashboard results? Please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal meeting.