Knowledge sharing is in Nova Silva’s DNA.

We’re happy to solve your data issue for you, but we also want to help you do this for yourself.

Through a combination of classroom and on-the-job training, we help you get more out of your data.

Data visualisation

The amount of data an organisation generates is often endless but unfortunately it doesn’t always provide the insights that management needs. An important tool for this is data visualisation. By making data visual, people can interpret, analyse and share it faster.
From workshops of a few hours to a full two-day training course you’ll learn how to effectively visualise data. You’ll make reports and dashboards and learn the most applicable design principles, allowing you to create better decision information for your organisation.

Determining measures and KPIs

It’s fairly common to start measuring with what we capture in our systems. But isn’t it better to start with your goals? Capturing the right data so that you can measure exactly where you are? In this training course you’ll learn to separate major and minor issues, pragmatically determining the core measures for your organisation.

Data Modelling

Building a good house starts with a good design, and healthy data management is no different. The foundation of every data environment is the data model. We show different methods, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this practical training course you will learn which approach best fits your organisation and, in particular, why.

Product training

More and more people have access to data through a wide range of analysis and reporting products, for example SAP, IBM, Tableau, PowerBI or Eclipse. With our wide experience in these products we help you and your colleagues quickly on your way. In this one-day training session we’ll examine questions such as:

  • What are the main product functions?
  • What is the best approach for analysis or reporting?

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