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How it works?

Oxygen supports all current systems & browsers

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You make use of various systems to collect and process data. From purchase and sales data in your general ERP system to logistic data in a specialist Warehouse Management System.

Send this data to our Nova Silva computer centre. You can do this via sftp, web services, e-mail, ftp and a vpn tunnel.

Our computer centre is located at the BIT data centre in Ede. They are equipped with:

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Within Oxygen the data arrives at the information factory, where your data is processed and saved for use in your Business Analytics applications. Subsequently, the tools analyse and present your data. From dynamic reports and dashboards to advanced statistical techniques and data mining.

Authorised individuals analyse and interpret the data from each machine equipped with an internet browser. Via:

Oxygen supports all current browsers on your PC, MAX or LINUX. From Firefox to Internet Explorer, from Safari to Chrome. Also mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are supported.