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Your client comes first

Getting the attention of the client is essential in retail. The correct usage of a variety of channels is becoming increasingly important.

Combining online and offline means the various channels strengthen each other. This is an effective way for your client to orientate online, but he/she will subsequently come to the store to feel and experience your product. Your client will want to make a (quick) repeat purchase preferably online.

Final piece in supply chain

Retail is the final piece in the supply chain. It is this phase that determines whether your client proceeds to purchase. Controlling this phase well is crucial. Is your product in stock and easily found in the store? How do you attract the client’s attention, and possibly even more importantly, how do you keep that attention?

Retail with Oxygen

Oxygen makes it possible to effectively manage the last phase of the supply chain. You have insight into the supply chain, but also in the wishes and behaviour of your clients.

With Oxygen you can:

Do you wish to find out how Oxygen reduces costs within your supply chain and adds value?
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