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Procurement & Logistics

Predictable supply

Are you able to manage the costs and quality at partners and suppliers? Do you use your internal means efficiently? Then you are in a position to correctly predict supply to sales and production. This means that the delivery is on time and the quality is guaranteed.

A goldmine of information

Insight into the information from purchasing and logistics processes offers you a goldmine of information. This information enables you to monitor stock levels and flag up changes in supply and demand.

This insight allows you to learn from previous periods. You are equipped to improve the results and the quality of the plans, but also your ability to plan processes.

Procurement & Logistics with Oxygen

With Oxygen you receive new insight in your procurement and logistics processes. This means that you can design and manage the processes more effectively and more efficiently.

With Oxygen you can:
Would you like to know how you can benefit from efficiently set up (purchasing and logistics) processes? Please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.