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What it does?

Oxygen is versatile

Oxygen’s characteristics?


As you can clearly see, Oxygen is versatile. Please find an explanation of some of the characteristics below.

Works on all systems Do you require examples of systems on which Oxygen works? From SAP to Oracle Applications, from to SugarCRM. From MS Dynamics NAV to Exact.

User profiles Only the right people gain access to the data, reports and analyses in Oxygen. You can also create and adjust profiles per user (or group of users). For example, the manager of Northern Europe can only gain access to Northern Europe data.

Activities are logged Oxygen logs all activities for each user. You can see exactly who carried out which actions and which data were involved with this. This is a handy aid to see who had what access during audits.


Whether you want to use a bullet or a line chart for your analysis, or a bar chart or scatter diagram, Oxygen gives you the option to choose how to present your results. Using filters, you can choose which cross section of the data you wish to represent. You can zoom in on further details for each presentation option.

Simply put, Oxygen analyses data and presents these via dashboards, reports and analytical tools. The system is also versatile in terms of functionality.

Oxygen offers:

And much more of course. Please contact us for additional information.